Anja Groten is an independent designer and researcher based in Amsterdam.
She completed her postgraduate studies at the design department of the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam where she graduated in 2011.
Anja Groten investigates the possibilities of an agonistic design practice and is interested in using external forces during her working process. By designing collective moments she aims to go into discussion with the public and simultaneously provokes confrontation and the unexpected.,,

Collaboration and collective modes of production are essential for my design practice. Working independently allows me build and engage with different communities and collectives depending on the projects I am working on–self-initiated as well as commissioned.

Together with Neverneverland and De Derde Verdieping I am co-running De PUNT, a collective art and project space in the east of AmsterdamDe PUNT is also the home base of Hackers & Designers, an initiative I founded with Selby and James in July 2013. Hackers & Designers organizes monthly meet-ups and other encounters, aiming to bring two professions closer to each other and create a common vocabulary. In the summer of 2015 H&D is to launched a summer academy program for the first time. The second editon of the H&D Summer Academy will take place 25 July – 5 August, at De PUNT and Waag Society, in Amsterdam.

Other collaborators are Chris, Esther, HeerkoJanneke, Jeannette, JoelLéoMaartje, Ruben, Thomas, Casco, Annette, Laura from Read-in, Yolande, Cat, Emma and Zack from The Center for Genomic Gastronomy.

Anja Groten – Design & Research
Frans de Wollanstraat 62
1018 SC, Amsterdam

t. +31 68 1752963

Perform your Immaterial Labor today!


Teaser website for the 2016 edition of the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy. The program centers around the controversial topic of immaterial labor, and the effects digital economies have on our current techno-society, – an on-going discussion at stake in both design/art and developer practices. H&D engages this year’s summer academy participants to go into discussion and critically reflect on their (digital) activities that exist outside/alongside the traditional wage-based definition of labor. What does it mean for the future of our practices to contribute to creative commons and open source projects, to self-initiate, to organize communities, to promote and publish on social networks, to perpetually generate content, to evolve multiple identities as bloggers, vloggers, mojo contributors…?

Website in collaboration with Hackers & Designers, Finn and Rens.

Moneylab #3 – Failing Better

A collective attempt to fail better with artists, critics and activists that are all feeling the pinch.

Amsterdam, December 1 & 2, 2016

#HDSA2015 Documentation: Web to print

Hackers & Designers – Smart & Poor

Post Perdu: Poemsorting 2015-2016

Post Perdu: Verloren gegevens – Lost data – 2014-2015

Post Perdu is a monthly mailing by Perdu, podium and bookstore for experimental Dutch poetry. The English translation of Perdu is “Lost”. On every post card I show lost data, found on Google Street view. These flaws of technology are creating new cohesions and new visual narratives. Every months the card is printed on different paper. Amsterdam 2014–2015

Summer Talks

Friendship and friendliness

Supporters and regular visitors can purchase a “vriendschap” with Perdu, a friendship, materizalized in a businesscard-sized card from beer coaster material, – substantial, stiff and light.

Books – boeken – Bücher

There is no such thing as an innocent reading

Read-in is a collective of artist, who are investigating the possibilities of collective instant reading sessions in other peoples homes. This workbook, was used for a workshop and collective memorizing session in occasion of the exhibition Made in Commons and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam in January 2014.