Anja Groten is an independent designer and researcher based in Amsterdam. Investigating the possibilities of frictional encounters as part of design practice, Anja designs collective moments of critical making, aimed at discussion, confrontation and contingency. Anja works on (self-)commissions and besides tutors at the Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut, and the Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2013 Anja co-founded the initiative Hackers & Designers, attempting to break down the barriers between the two fields by enforcing a common vocabulary through education, hacks and collaboration.
In autumn of 2017 Anja joins the PhD Arts doctorate programme focussing on Critical Making.,

Collaboration and collective modes of production are essential for my design practice. Working independently allows me to build and engage with different communities and collectives. I work on–self-initiated as well as commissioned projects.

For 3 years I co-organized De PUNT, a collective art and project space in the east of AmsterdamDe PUNT has been also the home base of Hackers & Designers, an initiative I founded with Selby and James in July 2013. Hackers & Designers organizes monthly meet-ups and encounters with technologies and makers, aiming to bring the two professions closer to each other to create a common vocabulary. In the summer of 2015 H&D launched a summer academy program for the first time–the H&D Summer Academy.

Other collaborators are André, Chris, HeerkoJanneke, Jeannette, Joel, Leanne, LéoMaartje, m–d buero, Ruben, Thomas, Casco, Read-in, Sjoerd, Yolande, The Center for Genomic Gastronomy.

Anja Groten – Design & Research
Haparandadam 7 – Studio D5
1012 AK, Amsterdam


In-between spaces

Spaces in-between

Mr Knight’s World Band Receiver

How to or not to run a business

De PUNT Annual Report 2013 – book sprint with Selby Gildemacher

Collective modes of designing

In 2013–2015 I used Post Perdu, a monthly mailing by Perdu – Stichting Poezie en Experiment as an occasion to discuss the identity of Perdu. Every month I initiated a short workshop with the editorial bord of Perdu to discuss, question and reflect while making. The assignments resolved into diverse drawings, cut-outs and collages, which I processed and used for the posters. The collective research helped me develop a coherent design proposal for a new visual identity for Perdu. Amsterdam 2013–2014

More open spaces for Amsterdam

De PUNT is an a coworking- and project space in the Czaar Peterbuurt in Amsterdam initiated by De Derde Verdieping a collective of Sandberg Instituut graduates and TAAK.
De PUNT is an initiative offering diverse programs in art and social change. De PUNT also servers as a workspace for neighbors and cultural entrepreneurs. De PUNT is interested in interdisciplinary and process based collaboration and likes to organize and host (art & design) manifestations, music and food events, movie nights, debates, lectures and workshops.

Occasional publishing: Gelegenheidsuitgave

Editorial concept for the ‘gegelegenheidsuitgave’ at Perdu, a small publications on occasions of special events. In occasion of the launch of the new visual identity and an evening about ‘metamorphosis’ Perdu asked 5 Dutch poets to write a poem. Amsterdam 2014

Haar in de soep

Poster for ‘Haar in de Soep’ a Sunday afternoon event featuring haircuts, soup and bloody mary’s in De PUNT. Amsterdam 2013

Coworking in de Punt

‘Actiekaart’, promotional card for a free week of using the coworking space in De PUNT.

Local newspaper as local narrator and packaging

The most important item of the visual identity of STACH food is the newspaper. It functions as as a narrator, telling the story of the foods and the local food suppliers. At the same time the newspaper is used as packaging. In collaboration with Chris Lee. Amsterdam 2011